Land Rover Explore Rugged handsets Launching At MWC


Land Rover Explore

It looks like Land Rover is rising a new new smartphone during Mobile World Congress after this month, a Land Rover Explore. The handset is designed to be a imperishable smartphone and it is being done by a same association Bullit, that creates a CAT rugged handsets.

The device will come with a operation of modular accessories identical to a MotoMods from Motorola, accurately what these accessories will do has not been suggested as yet.

The new Land Rover Explore will come with a incomparable battery, an AR Viewfinder and it will heed to a MIL STD 810g troops certifications. These rugged handsets will come with Google’s Android OS, substantially Android Nougat.

As nonetheless we do not have many sum on accurately what specifications a handset will come with. We will have some-more information when a device is launched during Mobile World Congress after this month.

Source Telefoon Abonnement, GSM Arena