Kindleberry Pi Zero W Portable Computer With Kindle Touch Display


Raspberry Pi enthusiasts acid for a plan to keep them bustling this weekend competence be meddlesome in a new unstable Raspberry Pi Zero W complement Which has been assembled regulating a with a Kindle Touch to emanate a aptly named, Kindleberry Pi Zero W mobile mechanism system, designed and built by Ben Yarmis.

Using a jailbroken Kindle Touch e-book reader a complement only uses a Raspberry Kindleberry Pi Zero W connected to a unstable battery container around a USB tie and wirelessly connected to a Bluetooth keyboard and a Kindle Touch display. Providing a fantastically minimalist resolution to formulating a mobile Raspberry Pi workstation. Ben explains a small some-more about a impulse behind a build :

I figured, given we have a Kindle sitting around doing nothing, a spare-at-the-moment Raspberry Pi Zero W, and a good idle prolonged weekend forward of me, we competence as good see how distant we can get with environment it up. Turns out, flattering far!

Built in only over a weekend and an dusk to iron out a few wandering bugs that still existed, Ben has combined a illusory unstable Raspberry Pi resolution that can be taken roughly anywhere and yield unstable computing fun wherever he competence be. If you’re meddlesome in building your really possess burst over to a Yarm website by following a couple below, where full instructions and formula have been pleasantly published for we to make your really possess Kindleberry Pi Zero W.

Source: Yarm : Hackaday