Chinese Consumer Group Asks Apple About Slowing Down Older iPhones


Slowing Down Older iPhones

Apple has come underneath a lot of critique about negligence down comparison iPhones and now a Chinese consumer organisation is seeking Apple for some-more information about negligence down a devices.

Apple done an reparation formerly after it was suggested that some comparison iPhones with degraded batteries were slowed down intentionally to stop a handsets shutting down randomly.

The association is now charity people a battery deputy for these inclination during a revoke costs of $29, it routinely costs $79. We formerly listened that French authorities and a US supervision were looking into this and now a Chinese consumer organisation is also looking into it.

The Shanghai Consumer Council has created a minute to Apple seeking for information about because Apple has slowed a handsets down and also what they dictated to do about a issue. It has apparently perceived 2,615 complaints about Apple inclination and services in 2017 compared to 964 complaints in 2015. As nonetheless there are no sum on Apple on this latest complaint.