TCK watch Movement Analogue

TCK watch


If we would like to mix a facilities of a smartwatch with a character and magnificence of an analogue watch face, we might be meddlesome in TCK watch combined customer growth group formed in a United Kingdom. The Movement smartwatch has this week launched by Kickstarter looking to lift £20,000 to go into production. Watch a proof video next to learn some-more about a facilities and functionality.

Features of a TCK watch (Movement analogue smartwatch) embody :

• It’s a step Counter, to assistance keep on tip of your activity.
• It connects to your phone around a app – so we can check out your information and customise a watch functions (Android iOS.)
• It’s a calorie output monitor, to keep we fit and healthy.
• It reports on your nap quality, optimise your sleep.
• It detects when we tumble defunct and arise adult – how many hours did we unequivocally get?
• It’s a morning alarm right on your wrist.
• It helps we keep on tip of your phone notifications with a dissimilar light dark in a watch face – stay organised.
• Lost a watch? Use a app to make it play out a alarm and find it.
• It is purebred IP67 H2O resistant, so we can take it swimming with you.
• Movement has an ultra prolonged battery life (1 year life on average) – no charging.
• It’s select – with switchable straps to compare your outfit each day either going to a gym or spending time out with friends.

Our founders done a prophecy 2 years ago – and that was that each wrist watch on a marketplace would have embedded technology. But quick brazen to a benefaction day, usually costly top marketplace intelligent watches exist, that are mostly indiscrete and demeanour closer to a phone strapped to your wrist, or rubber wrist bands that aren’t suitable for going out with friends, or operative during a office. Although these inclination are a good resolution for some, it doesn’t fit with a founders prediction, and we set about bringing a prophesy to life ourselves.

Our minimalistic TCK watch hides divided record that annals your steps, calorie expenditure, stretch ran, nap time and nap efficiency, giving we a extensive perspective of your activity via a day! With a detachable straps, we can switch a demeanour and feel of a watch so that it’s always right for a situation, either going for a run or going out with friends. The TCK watch also discreetly lets we know of activity on your phone by lighting up, so in a assembly or still area you’re wakeful of what’s happening, and we don’t even need to assign it.


Source: Kickstarter