BenQ W1050 Home Cinema Projector Review


Following on from a phenomenon of their new affordable 4K projector a Benq W1700 HDR progressing this month that will be rising really soon, labelled during a really affordable £1,599 when compared to other 4K projectors now on a market. BenQ has this week authorised us to get hands-on with their latest HD projector in a form of the BenQ W1050. Providing consumers with a 1080p home cinema projector with a fortitude of 1920 x 1080 Full HD and that is now accessible to squeeze labelled during around £599 or $629.

164 in. design 5.5 m divided from embellished wall in full dark (below)

BenQ has versed a W1050 HD projector with CinematicColor record that provides users with “optimal colour to move out a many accurate and extended images”, and it skilfully shows both in illumination and darkened rooms. Where even when a images magnified considerably, a colours are still colourful interjection to a CinematicColor’s Rec.709 HDTV customary colour coverage. To re-cap, a Rec.709 is a general HDTV customary that depicts a colours as a executive dictated and offers three picture modes to raise your design even serve depending on what we are examination charity a Sports Mode, Vivid TV Mode and Cinema Mode.

164 in. design 5.5 m divided projected onto a embellished wall in full dark (below)

164 in. design 5.5 m divided projected onto a embellished wall in full dark (below)

BenQ W1050

Out-of-the-box, a BenQ W1050, is really easy to set up, and we can be adult and regulating in only a integrate of minutes. BenQ includes a compulsory remote control with easy entrance to Vertical Keystone Correction, menu and other settings, energy wire and HDMI cable. The BenQ W1050 projector itself is propitious with a liughtness of 2200 Lumens and a contrariety ratio of 15,000 to 1 and as mentioned before a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

As we can see from a images next on a back of a projector are 1 x mini USB connection, 2x  HDMI ports a PC VGA and a RS 232, together with video and audio in and out 3.5mm sockets. Enabling we to bond adult a computer, games console, set-top box or DVD actor depending on your equippment and home media system.

In this hands-on examination we powered adult a mini PC directly by a HDMI, and a formula were really impressive. By positioning a projector 5.5m from a white wall, we was means to plan an design 164 inches (measured diagonally) in size. Moving a BenQ W1050 projector a small closer to a white wall, from 2.5 m divided we was means to furnish a 73-inch design though a need to use a accessible wizz duty on a lens enabling we to fast wizz in and out to boost a design distance as required. As distant as fan sound we can hear it though to be honest, once a sound was personification even by a little orator within a projector a sound of a fan was really negligible.Zoom increasing a projection design to 86 inches in distance (measured diagonally), a incomparable a image, a some-more pixelation and design plunge we get. However, even during 164 inches a design from a Benq W1050 HD projector was astonishingly good for a cost indicate and provides glorious value for income if we wish a projector that can offer a substantial design though a need to be positioned over 5m or so from your screen.

As we can see from a images,  the design fortitude even during 164 inches was glorious for videos, cinema and gaming in a darkened room. Even with light perspicacious into a room extremely we could still see a projected design nonetheless most fainter than if it was in a darkened room as we can see below. Weighing 2.56 kg a projector is simply mounted to a roof regulating a comparatively inexpensive mountain approx. £15 from Amazon or wherever we might need, and a inclusion of dual HDMI ports make it good for both a set-top box and games console to be connected during a same time or PC and set-top box depending on your requirements.

Specifications for a BenQ W1050 home cinema projector embody :

– DLP Display Technology
– 2200 ANSI Lumens
– 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) Native Resolution
– 4500 Hours Lamp Life (Typical)
– Aspect Ratio 16:9
– 15000:1 Contrast Ratio
– High local ANSI contrariety ratio performance
– 2 Year Return To Base Warranty (Projector)
– 1 Year / 1000 hours (Lamp)
– 96% coverage of Rec. 709 tone space
– 2.56 KG’s (Weight)

For a cost indicate of £600 or roughly $629 mark, a BenQ W1050 home cinema projector offers illusory value for income and provides an glorious design even when raised over 100 inches in distance creation it an glorious choice for a home party applications or vast shade for games when connected to a games console. For some-more information on a BenQ W1050 projector burst over to a central Benq website by following a couple below.

Source : BenQ