Unique Skull Pour Over Coffee Dripper By Hundred Million

Skull Coffee Dripper

Designers Hundred Million have taken to Kickstarter once again to lift a compulsory supports indispensable to take their latest pattern into production, in a form of a singular skull flow over coffee dripper assembled from porcelain. Watch a proof video next to learn some-more about a “low poly skull-shaped” dripper that is accessible to behind from usually £25 And can be purchased with a series of opposite coffees including Hazelnut or Dark Italiano.


Hundred Million Explain some-more about a impulse behind their skull flow over dripper :

To applaud Hundred Million’s 5th year on a planet, we went behind to a roots and crushed skulls and coffee together one some-more time! Bound for a Ground is a ideally shaped porcelain coffee dripper in a figure of a low poly 3D skull – willingly representing how pouring caffiene directly into your conduct any morning can stop we feeling like death, though in a crisp, shiny, ceramic kind of way.

We’ve grown a pattern to a production-ready theatre but, as a little East London studio, can’t compensate for a full production-run but a assistance of a Kickstarter community. Unlike other products we’ve created, a high cost cost of any dripper (due to a hand-finished make process) means we will be incompetent to offer a coffee  dripper to indiscriminate business afterwards. The usually place to get one will be from us.


Source: Kickstarter