Unique Gravity Museum, Desktop Space Exploration System

Gravity Museum

Space fan Kristoph Krisjans has combined a really singular desktop space scrutiny complement called a Gravity Museum that allows we to review a sobriety between all solar complement planets and try a extraordinary star from a comfort of your desk. Watch a proof video subsequent to learn some-more about this singular desktop fondle that is launched around Kickstarter this week with a aim of lifting £20,000 over a subsequent 30 days.

The  is a tabletop interactive collection of spheres that concede we to review gravitational force between all 8 planets of a Solar system, transforming production speculation into discernible knowledge and formulating a singular approach to try and learn about a Universe around us in Gravity museum.

Creator and engineer Kristoph explains more.

Earth, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury and Saturn- all planets of a Solar System have opposite size, mass and gravitational force on them. We can usually consternation how would it feel to indeed knowledge opposite gravity. Following my passion for Space scrutiny we set a thought to pattern an intent that could somehow manifest speculation and benefaction it in sparkling way. we was held by a thought of formulating a tabletop arrangement with sobriety comparison between all 8 Solar complement planets.

Clearly we can not change a discernible sobriety here on Earth. Though regulating a laws of Physics we have achieved a discernible outcome that creates an accurate thought of Gravity disproportion between other planets. The same intent would have opposite weight on other world due to opposite gravitational force- this element is also used in a Gravity Museum. Each globe is precisely calculated. They all have equal distance though opposite weight that represents specific planet’s gravity. The categorical section is a Earth’s globe placed in a middle. Every other globe precisely shows how would it feel to reason a same Earth’s globe on other planet’s surface.

Source: Kickstarter