New Magnet Propulsion Ink System Pen Hits Kickstarter

Magnet Propulsion Ink System Pen

Those of we acid for a new essay exercise or present might be meddlesome in a new Magno-Ink Magnet Propulsion Ink System Pen that is launched around Kickstarter this week and already lifted over $50,000. Providing users with a multi-magnet thrust complement to force a ink to a nib. Watch a proof video next to learn some-more about a singular magnetically energised coop that is being combined by HRIBARCAIN, who explain a small some-more about a design, facilities and inspiration.

Magno Ink is a mix of a really best meditative and a really best innovation. We have taken impulse from an intensely successful product that we launched final year, Magno ‘The Worlds First Magnetically Controlled Pencil’ (raised over £80,000 on Kickstarter).  We are a really initial association in a universe to use magnets in sequence to control a activation of a essay instrument. It creates us intensely unapproachable to be a pioneers of this insubordinate technology.n Solo, as we play a partial in a gaming knowledge desirous by 40 years of timeless Star Wars films. We wish to make Magno-Ink a ‘affordable luxury’ for everyone. Having people suffer a products is some-more critical than creation profit. We recognize that this opinion is essential to grow a business.

The Magno-Ink coop is now accessible to behind around Kickstarter with early bird pledges starting from only £30 and smoothness approaching to take place during Mar 2018. For full specifications and some-more information burst over to a central Kickstarter debate page around a couple below.

Source: Kickstarter