FIXT Nomad Provides Clean Water Wherever You Are

FIXT Nomad

Adventurers, campers or anyone else disturbed about not carrying adequate purify celebration H2O on their subsequent outing or expedition, competence be meddlesome in a new square of pack called a FIXT Nomad. Which is able of providing adult to 100 gallons of purify celebration water, nonetheless is tiny adequate to trip in your pocket. Watch a proof video next to learn some-more about a 3 in one H2O filter that allows we to splash from roughly any H2O source and automatically removes bacteria, viruses, complicated metals, and even radiological contaminants.

The FIXT Nomad gives we 100 gallons of purify H2O in your pocket. For any product we sell, we yield purify H2O to people in disaster areas who competence not tarry but it. This insubordinate 3-in-1 filter has a straw, attaches your camelbak or H2O bladder, and screws onto your prohibited H2O tank for 100 gallons of purify H2O in box of a healthy disaster or H2O outage. The initial 2,000 units sole in a USA are guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas.

Features and renouned FAQs embody :

– How many gallons can it filter?
Up to 100 gallons.
– Are a filters replaceable?
No, not during this time. We are anticipating this competence be an choice in a future.
– Does it usually fit camelbaks?
No, a FIXT Nomad works with roughly all H2O bladders. Your wayfarer includes 9 sum equipment and connectors to go from a straw to H2O bladder to prohibited H2O tank.
– What does a FIXT Nomad remove?
Aesthetics, bacteria, chemical and radiological contaminants, including fluoride, chlorine, complicated metals and medication drugs.
– What can’t a FIXT Nomad filter remove?
The FIXT Nomad can filter roughly any H2O source, solely for saltwater.
– How most does the FIXT Nomad weigh?
The section itself weighs usually 2.45oz.
– What are a measure of a Nomad?
The FIXT Nomad is smaller than a rug of cards, it is usually 2.5″x4.5″x1.25″.

FIXT Nomad is now accessible to behind around Indiegogo with early bird pledges starting from usually $56 and smoothness approaching to take place during Dec 2017. For full specifications and some-more information burst over to a central Kickstarter debate page around a couple below.

Source: Indiegogo

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