Lenovo matter on Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Settlement

Today it was announced that Lenovo has reached settlements with a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and a bloc of thirty-two U.S. states to solve their concerns associated to a third-party “VisualDiscovery” program that Lenovo preinstalled on certain consumer laptop products in late 2014 and early 2015. While Lenovo disagrees with allegations contained in these complaints, we are gratified to move this matter to a tighten after 2-1/2 years.

After training of a issues, in early 2015 Lenovo stopped preloading VisualDiscovery and worked with antivirus program providers to invalidate and mislay this program from existent PCs. (Those instructions can be found on a Lenovo website here.) To date, we are not wakeful of any tangible instances of a third celebration exploiting a vulnerabilities to benefit entrance to a user’s communications. Subsequent to this incident, Lenovo introduced both a process to extent a volume of pre-installed program it loads on a PCs, and extensive confidence and remoteness examination processes, actions that are mostly unchanging with a actions we concluded to take in a settlements announced today. 

Product security, remoteness and peculiarity are tip priorities during Lenovo. We have a shortcoming to broach products and solutions that say a high standards we set for patron knowledge while also safeguarding a privacy, integrity, and accessibility of a customers’ data. For some-more information on Lenovo’s stream and extensive proceed to product security, greatfully revisit a Lenovo Security Vault at: